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The Michigan Crossdresser
that Started it all - Janet

Michigan crossdresser Janet pictureFor
those of you who will take the time and interest to read about this
Michigan crossdresser, thanks so much.

I am very proud to be one of the many
crossdressers in Michigan and I truly enjoy giving back to the community
with my Michigan crossdresser's store
and online web site.
  As with most other transgender individuals,
the path to my true identity has an interesting past.

As a teenager my interests were chasing
women, drag racing, and playing music. And I had a great busy fun filled
childhood playing in a rock and roll band. I worked as a technician
at Capitol music in downtown Detroit, Michigan. I got to know almost
every famous Motown person. I recorded, jammed and repaired most of their
equipment. It was great fun, but there was little money in it for me.
During this time I also was building racing engines which proved to be
more lucrative.

I got married and had a baby girl
and with money needs I got out of the entertainment business to continue
on with building racing engines. I became some what of a notoriety .
I even took over the position of Track Manager at the Detroit Drag way
for a while. Afterwards I became an A.R.C.A. official by supplying technical
services and parts to the racers at race tracks in Michigan and Ohio.
But I have always missed the excitement of being on stage as a performer.

On a fluke I went to a Drag Show.
There I found my calling. I began performing as a female impersonator.
Doing this allowed me to use my talents of singing and dance. In just
a few years I have created an Identity for myself. I still own and operate
a large engine rebuilding company but I love to perform. I just got
a 33’ motor home in which I plan to travel and do my shows.

After finding it difficult to purchase
great crossdresser clothing I decided to create Janet's closet.  My
goal for this Michigan
crossdresser boutique
was to create a transgender resource catering
to the crossdressing community.  After starting the store in my
garage, I now run the largest online resource for crossdresser clothing
and a recently remodeled store for Michigan crossdressers where I also
offer my expert male to female
transformation and makeup services

I am always willing to help any individual
with their shopping and transformation needs.  Feel free to call
during the listed hours or send
me a note online
and I will reply
quickly.  Also, I am hoping to build a page with photos from my
many happy customers... so if you want me to add your photo to my crossdresser
photo page, please e-mail me.

Also, if you have any suggestions
or concerns about my website, please let me know... I am always trying
to make it the best place for you to shop online.

Things are going very well, and life
is great.  Thanks for your interest.

All my love - Janet